Sunday, 29 April 2012

'THE GROUNDS'  What SYDNEY does best!
Brilliant Brunch 

Oh my goodness !  What a delicious breakfast experience  we  had this morning.    Attention all Sydneysiders, Facebookers, Tweeps and Peeps... The Grounds in Alexandria is brand new and awesome !  Their website is not quite up and running yet so perhaps this post will do!    The re-fit of an industrial space made so exciting with a huge outdoor area, amongst old sleeper raised beds filled with organic herbs, citrus, veges and other plants.  The space filled with young families, children, babies , all loving the chicken coop in the vegetable garden.  Inside, a space cordoned off by a glass wall, housing the state of the art coffee roasting machines.   Mostly raw face-brick walls,  plants and baskets hanging up on levered pulleys,, beautiful lighting, and at the back a fantastic coffee station (one of two)  or brew bar with the custom La Marzocco, clover, syphons and drip filters.   The place was buzzing with lots of people and the service was excellent.  Most of us had breakfast, all of us had their coffee served in bright green cups/saucers from Germany.  Overall an amazing experience unlike any other in Sydney.   The address is  2 Huntley street Alexandria, NSW.
One of so many raised beds with an assortment of herbs, veges, flowers etc.

The timber posts of a massive pergola each under planted with climbers... cant wait for next summer and the cool of the shade created!

Just two of the assortment of great lights - the second coffee station with coffee syphons and drip filters, behind.

Busy busy !!

One side of the inside eating area.

Delicious muffins

Original way of serving milk and sugar and the table number !

Huge coffee roasting machines behind a glass wall

Kitchen on the left... this place has a huge staff 

Even the toilet is adorable !

The big room divider... GREEN everywhere !
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