Wednesday, 4 April 2012



Penny and Bunny... never more than 2 feet apart 

I know  ... people and their dogs !!  But honestly,  our lives are amused, entertained, irritated, and sometimes dictated to by our beloved Shih Tzu's Penny and Bunny -  or to be more specific,  Penny Lane and Bunny Williams - with apologies to the real Bunny Williams whose work I adore !
Bunny on the left and Penny
Penny and Bunny are very lucky little dogs!  They live on a farm which they love and have a free run of a large garden and beyond.  They have a love-affair with our 7 sheep and are often seen racing around them, barking madly,  while the sheep munch on blissfully.  They also love visiting the cow paddocks, especially when little calves are born !  I am told that the calf-pooh, is particularly delicious !  Of course after sloshing around all over the farm there is the inevitable scratching on the back door and sometimes the sight that awaits us , drives us straight back into the house!  Being Shih Tzu's, they should have glorious long combed hair, but living this farm life has put paid to that!  They visit the grooming parlour regularly, and I have had a special "dog-wash station" built which makes washing them so much easier.  In rainy weather they get rinsed off at least twice a day! 

Double trouble !
Oh no... not AGAIN !
I hate all this rubbing !

As Bunny awaits her fate....

I quite like the hairdryer...
We've been VERY good !!!!

 tinkle of the car keys,..." alert alert !!!....Something is happening !"  When they see a bag role by we can almost hear them muttering between themselves.   We drive up to Sydney every week and they are really not happy there as they are more restrained and cannot run free.  Although there is a big park in front of our home,  they are on their leashes and cannot do as they please.   After a day or so, they seem to accept where they are and when they are not sleeping, they entertain themselves by tearing around the home playing "circuits and bumps"!!

Sydney isn't so bad really.....

Nothing else to do in the car but sleep !

and Home at last !!

Other than lounging around on the furniture all day....this is definitely their favourite place .. and this photo includes cousin "Britney Lucinda"( Penny making sure she doesn't get too close !)

I could write for hours more about the antics these two get up to and I have so many more photographs... but you know what they say about "people and their dogs" !!

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  1. I love the picture with "I quite like the hair dryer" cutest! - also can't believe how big the trees and boxed hedges have got on the way to the front door! amazing ! lovely reading about y'all! :-) xx

    1. Thanks P.. really enjoyed writing about the "The Girls" !!

  2. Another lovely blog, so cute! Britney Lucinda is very pleased that she was included!

  3. Britney Lucinda was looking particularly pretty in the photo that day !!