Sunday, 15 April 2012

A NEW GARDEN ROOM : And a surprise birthday lunch !

Just before we left for Japan last week,  our group of friends in the Southern Highlands,  celebrated  Ruth's birthday!  Ruth is a dear friend and neighbour and our birthday's are one week apart.  Planning her surprise birthday was probably the most fun I've had in a long time !!   It motivated me into getting my Garden Room done...I had been procrastinating for months !.  We have a little one bedroomed guest cottage just off the kitchen, over- looking the pool.  I had somehow never finished decorating the living room of the cottage  and when planning the surprise lunch, I realised that I needed this room to be complete !  I had used this room for almost the whole of last year as a storage unit and as it was now empty, and in need of some love and attention,  I began hunting around my house/farm/garden/potting shed and old barn for "props"...  I was so thrilled that I managed to create this space without having to buy a single thing... other than a couple of new indoor plants.  Below are some of the photos of the now almost complete Garden Room.
The green checked chair was brought up from the Tea House.

The floral chair had been in my bedroom and it now seems more at home in the Garden Room
Both sets of french doors open out to the pool
The old french rusted trellis used to be in my herbacious garden..both of them were lying in the old shed getting more and more rusted !!This old dresser had been in the old stables for more than 5 years ... covered in cobwebs and dust !!

Drinks before lunch outside in the courtyard.
Delicious morsels brought by some of the friends... these fresh asparagus wrapped in crepes were delicious !

The table setting... the little pansies in the terracotta pots are called "Oranges and Lemons"

And the Birthday cake which our friend Trish organised,  was a huge cup-cake with individual cupcakes for us all!  
And a very happy Birthday Girl !!
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  1. This is a lovely space to visit! Thank you Jenny, hope to see a lot more !XXL

  2. Thank you Louis... and also from you darling !!

  3. You did a marvelous job re-decorating that room - what fun it must have been looking out for and finding things to put into the room! Love the light!!

  4. The room and the table look gorgeous.

  5. Thank you Bumble... Bunny and Penny wished that you had been here too !