Thursday, 3 May 2012

OPEN GARDEN at South Acres Farm

As usual,  our garden at South Acres, has stumbled into autumn a disheveled ,unruly mess.  After months of showing off and entertaining everyone, flaunting her floral beauty,  and obediently 'glowing' every late afternoon, she is a mess! Many unwanted guests (weeds) tend to get overlooked during the heady summer months and as everything starts dying down they become very apparent.

When approached last year by Caroline Davies Garden Tours in Melbourne, to open our garden in May this year,  I shuddered somewhat at the thought of showing the garden at this time of the year in her usual unruly state!  But as we had months to think and plan,  we took on the task happily and the Open Garden yesterday (3 May) was a great success,  accompanied by beautiful weather.

There were all of the hedges to trim (and there are many),  the perennials to cut back,  truck-loads of mulch to deposit,  weeds to get rid of and a rush to complete a couple of renovations that were underway. John Nichols and his son Michael were invaluable in completing these many tasks.  The week before an open garden is often a competition between us and the weather.  Planning exactly which day to do the  final mowing of the lawns, can be hampered if the heavens decide to open.  But luckily,  everything fell into place this time.  We had a big downpour the night before, and the most beautiful day followed.  Below are some pics of the final big day of preparation.

John trimming the box hedge

Young Michael spreading the mulch

The pleached silver pears at the entrance getting a trim

Lettuce from the vegetable garden about to be washed for lunch

A break for lunch - salad from the garden and pies from the  bakery in Robertson

The final mow !
It was such a still day... the reflections a mirror image.

Beautiful fresh mulch

Michael spending hours on the mower and doing a very good job!

Sweeping the pathways.. so many leaves

Penny keeping a watchful eye on all the activity!

It occurred to me last night that I completely forgot to photograph our visitors yesterday!! I was so caught up in walking around with them and chatting that my camera was left in the house.  I did notice a couple of people taking photos and I have put the word out so hopefully some of these photos will find their way back to me and I will then post them on this blog!  

5 May:  Well happily, one of the visitors took a couple of photos of some of the group... they are below and I also added a few more photos of the garden taken early this morning.

Visitors arriving!
Gathering on the front lawn and saying "Hello"

The Herbacious garden on the left

Marcel's garden

Autumn colours lovely this morning - curved Lime walk 

Walking through the Rill and the farm beyond the paddock fence

I should get up early more often as the colours are wonderful !

The courtyard
and from the other side

Thanks for stopping by !
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  1. Looking neat as a pin! I would love to see some photos of the garden's visitors. x

    1. Thankfully I managed to get a couple from the visitors !

  2. The garden couldn't look more perfect, not a leaf out of place really looks heavenly.

  3. Thanks so much... good feeling that one can now rest up for a few months !


    1. Hello! Thank you so much and so glad you are enjoying it! Very exciting to have a comment from Texas ! Jenny

  5. Jenny I'm so glad you stopped by today so I could discover your gorgeous gardens and property!! What a treat. When I have a moment, I'll have to come back and look for some shots of the house and interiors - I'm sure they are equally exquisite!!

    1. Hello! and thank you for your kind comments! I have not yet done a post on the interiors but will do so soon! I love your blog too ! Jenny

  6. What a wonderful blog! Really captures the beauty of your garden and the Southern Highlands.

    1. Thank you Kirk !! Glad you enjoyed it !