Monday, 21 May 2012


Taken in April last year in the countryside near Boussac

Packing up to leave for a couple of months is no small thing... well not to me anyway!  I just hate packing to go anywhere.. even if only to Sydney for a couple of days.  I loathe the clothing choice dilemma.  My wardrobe is so jumbled and un-coded.  It took ages today to sift through the 'possibles' and 'definites' and in the end I chucked it all in a huge case which I have to sort out tomorrow as I leave on Wednesday.

Mr R-I has bravely carried my bags for all the years we have travelled but not without complaint mind you.  Yes,  he is a resigned 'pack-horse'!  He regularly pleads with me to lighten the load, but I am simply unable to do so.  I usually start off really well, making piles on a spare bed and critically matching this with that, resulting in the piles getting smaller and smaller. Triumphant,  I then begin the careful process of transferring said piles into the gaping suitcase.  This is where the trouble starts.  I suppose I start feeling some sort of panic when looking at a half-full case and slowly the 'just in case' items start creeping in!

Anyway, the purpose of this little note is to say that I shall be in France for the next couple of months and although this is a blog mostly about the farm and life in the Highlands,  I don't think I will be breaking any rules by writing from France do you?

I will be in Boussac - a small town in the Limousin region as well as in Provence for a while and in Paris for a couple of days.  So... until then... 'au revoir' and 'a bientot' !!


  1. Are you kidding! You can pack for the Space Station and you will still have to excuses. Just think! The weekly marche is enough material for pictures and updates plus what you make to eat and added bonus....

  2. Lucky you! Have a wonderful trip and safe travels! I'm looking forward to your dispatches from France. :)

  3. Thank You! Leaving wintry Australia for summer climes is such a treat and we might hopefully be in the US this time next year! Glad you enjoyed your time in North Carolina.. always lovely to meet warm, kind people... Love your blog! Jenny

  4. Have a wonderful time, Jenny! I'm eager to hear all about your trip to France when you get back (if not before then via Twitter/FB). Safe travels!

  5. Thank you so much Krista!! I plan to do some blogging while I am there... Hope you are feeling better... I have also only just recovered in time for this trip! Jenny xx